About Borjman - Introduction
About us :
Our company, which started its activities in 2007, has become a permanent companion for Iranian travelers and tourists by offering a variety of services in the field of tourism. Travel agency Brjman in 1386, and with the authorization of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism step in this arena built and began to work on the implementation of tours at home and abroad has made, and in 1388, and with license from the Civil Aviation Authority, entered a new stage of its activities, and the same year so far, as one of the most complete and most prestigious tourism agencies of the country, ready to provide services to customers and their users are. However, the services and facilities of this tourism agency are not limited to the implementation of travel tours and the purchase of various domestic and foreign tickets for travel to parts of the country. The agency from 1390 and then changed the nature of the substantive rights, as services of air travel and tourism Brjman new idea of ​​travel, recorded, along with a variety of tours and issuance of airline tickets for fly around the world, to offer other services such as the authorization to issue train tickets, hotel reservations around the world, Visa, certification international, underwriting a travel, CIP airports and pickup passport applicants also pays For more information on any of these services, see the relevant section on this site . So just decided to travel and their intended destinations to choose from, and continue the path of travel services Brjman in mind, the trip enjoyable, with the lowest cost possible and without wasting time and energy, experience.
Covered internal and external airlines
Iran Air Tour, Kish Air, Caspian, Oil, Zagros, Taban, and Lufthansa Airlines, Emirates, Qatari, Turks, Iran, Iran Air, Mahan, Sky, Ata, Qashem Air, Covering Al-Ittihad, Austria, Birjich, Alitalia, Oman Air, Taye Air, Air Asia, Dubai Airlines, Air Arabia, Azerbaijan, Ukrainian and Air Astana, and it's possible to book tickets from any of these airlines. , Provides its users with the most extensive airline service available to passengers.
Introduction of Board Members:
  • Mina Khodabandeh Levy, Managing Director
  • Seyyed Naser Hejazian Head of the Board
  • Seyyedeh Rameena Hejazian Project Manager
  • Fatemeh Asgari, Technical Manager, A
  • Parisa Foroughi is financially responsible
  • Omid Mehrabi Director of IT
The Burma Air Travel Services Company is proud to have a team of tourism specialists and technology and IT fields, which will make the company fully standardized with the latest technology in the world. The field of communication benefits, and by integrating the tourism industry, one of the most important economic activities in any country, with the technologies and technologies of the day, to one of the main specialized companies in the field of air travel and Tourism becomes.
Importance of tourism industry in the country's economy, and its necessity in job creation
The tourism industry is recognized as one of the most important economic activities around the world, and evidence suggests that tourism-generated income accounts for more than a tenth of gross domestic product in the world. Today, the tourism industry and all related businesses are recognized as the main component of sustainable economic development, and all countries in the world are trying to boost their industry in their country by highlighting the natural and historical attractions of their country. Attract tourists from all over the world. On the other hand, the tourism industry and its affiliated industries play a significant role in the job creation of each country, and addressing various aspects of the industry will improve the employment situation in any country.
Operational strategy in our tower
Burman Travel Services Company is a professional team specializing in tourism and communications technology, and its management system utilizes the latest technology in the world. The company has always been working to improve its quality, comprehensively and keep its management system up to date, not only in the field of tourism and air travel, but also in the field of communication systems and technologies. It's also associated with it, and it achieves the ideal result in all aspects.
Burman Travel Services Company has defined its short and long term goals as follows:
  • Establishing a centralized base for connecting to the hotel reservation system
  • Establishing a centralized base, which is connected to the ticket sales system of all domestic air lines
  • Connecting to search engines, and booking hotels all over the world
  • Connecting to Comprehensive Sales Tickets for Airlines in the World
  • Establishing the necessary infrastructure for serving other airlines and agencies to connect to the centralized sales system of the ticket and hotel and other services provided by this company with the possibility of managing and sharing the commission of the benefits of each item.
  • Creating a site for online sales of tickets, hotels and services provided by this company to the final consumer and improving the availability of search engines on the Internet.
  • Creating a comprehensive customer service system with the goal of defining different commissions for our customers by defining special privileges for members and connecting the company's system to other loyalty networks with the possibility of exchanging privileges between these networks.
  • The design of domestic and foreign tours and their supply on the electronic infrastructure, and activities through the offices of the company in the form of all active agencies in the country, using modern facilities and methods to attract customers and create satisfaction of the visitors.
Future missions and goals of our valley
Our company, Burman Air Services, is working to bring the diverse range of services and new services in the field of tourism into the largest and most recognized domestic tourist destination, as well as to serve as an international agency. By providing services around the world, the company is also known as an interconnection between agencies abroad and inside Iran, and thus greatly expands the travel links between Iran and other countries.
Burma's travel services company is working to reduce its sales volume by lowering the cost of services and services provided by the company, and providing a safe and easy environment for customer purchases. The company has been able to help them with quality and worldwide standards services by establishing reputable offices in some of the world's most important tourist destinations for ease of communication and financially. The more they achieve their goals and desires. The company offers its customers all the services and facilities at B2B and B2C levels, and at any moment, it is trying to make further changes in the tourism sector, and reaches the highest levels of service delivery in this area. Find out
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